The king in the Field

Everything is part of Hashem

• Go to an open peaceful park where there’s plenty of nature to notice and experience the wonderful work of our Creator through our senses. Point out that Hashem is everywhere.

What do you hear? Do you hear Hashem?
What do you feel? Do you feel Hashem?
What do you taste? Do you taste Hashem?
What do you smell? Do you smell hashem?
What do you see? Do you see Hashem?

• Everything we hear, everything we touch, everything we taste, everything we see, including you and me, are part of the Oneness of Hashem.

• The next day do the same exercise inside the classroom or home area, pointing out at the physical things around you in the same manner.

“From the smallest molecule to the whole entire universe. From the tiniest dust on the floor we are sitting on, to the lamps that hang down from the ceiling. It is all part of Hashem… And when we are careful and use the things that surround us for good, we are bringing Hashem’s Light into them, and this physical things become holy.”

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