Kids love to be involved in cleaning, encourage the parents to do this at home with them.

    Charting: make a cleaning chart


  • Act out the Haggadah, and take pictures of each step. let the students fill in the brochos according to their ability.

Discuss the haggadah, step by step

  • What is matzah what is chametz?  use a ballon to explain ego.

Start inflating it as you give examples of someone who is filling themselves with their ego, keep doing this until the ballon is full of air. Show how the ballon has no more room in itself for more air. In the same way a person who is filled with ego has no room for anyone but themselves, until they have no room for even themselves and self destruct. Chametz represents ego. Pop the balloon. matzah represents a person that is bittul and humble.

  • Bedikas chametz: place a feather a paper bag, and a wood spoon in a tray. wrap in small baggies little pieces of chametz. practice putting it in the bag with feather and spoon.

…Pesach seder

  • Small objects Pesach seder

  • Sorting chametz and matzah

  • Experimenting with fruits and vegetables natural dye

  • Silk painted seder cover

  • Matzah placemats

  • Pesach cook book

…Yom Tov of Pesach

  • Iron the yom tov clothes

  • Shine yom tov candles

  • Toivel dishes


  • Filling up our compost with our pesach peels