…Achashverus reigned from Hodu to Cush.

•  (India and Ethiopia) locate India and Ethiopia in the globe

  •  Locate Persia

…It was recorded that Mordechai the Jew had saved the life of the king in the Royal Book of Chronicles. 

  •  Taking recordsIMG_3815

  •  Start a journal

…Signet ring

  •  Working with stamps

…Mordechai dressed in sackcloth

  •  feel the sackcloth, let the children wear it and experience it’s texture

…Letters were send.

  •  Modes of communication yesterday and todayIMG_3800

  •  Pen pal to other schools

  •  Learning how to

address an envelope

…Megillas Esther

  •  Visit a Sofer, see how the Megillah is written

 • Place a piece of parchment, feather and ink on on a tray for the children to experience writing.

 •  Place these materials in the nature table for children to touch and examine.


Study the mitzvos of Purim

Make Puppets for a classroom puppet show

Grogers and  masks 

Gifts to the poor

 •  Build a Tzadakah box specially for Purim

 •  Choose an organization to donate

Shaloch Manos

 •  Draw a lotto in the classroom so that everyone will give each other shaloch manos


 •  Visit and give shaloch manos at the old age home

 •  Practical life:”how to put together a shaloch manos bag”

•  Brochos cards

The seudah

 •  Make a seudah in school

 •  make Kreplach, hamantashen.


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