Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah Activities

IMG_7381Practical Life

  • Making cards with sponge stamps

  • Mystery bag: Shofar, Machzor, candles, apple, challah, kiddush cup…

  • Apple coring

  • Sorting apples

  • Checking dates/figs for bugs

  • Shofar lacingIMG_7380

  • Shofar sanding

  • Peeling and chopping carrots for Tzimmes

  • Candle polishing

  • Cutting and pasting- Shofar, apple

  • Sorting shofars- Big, small…

  • Making round challah- Cycle of life: looking back at last year, looking towards a new year.

  • Taking the honey from a honeycomb with a dropperIMG_7435


 • Shofar sound strips

 • Hear the sound of the shofar compared to other instruments.

 • Apple tasting

 • Honey tasting


 • Tracing names of Yom TovIMG_7436

 • Small objects with labels

 • Conversation pictures

 • Sound bags with objects and vocabulary

 • Sandpaper letters with objects

 • Movable letters with objects

 • Matching vocabulary with pictures

 • Making penmanship bookletsIMG_3532

 • Forming letters with playdough


  • Coin sorting

  • Counting rimon seeds

  • Shofar 100 boardIMG_7377

  • Apple tree set up- counting the apples


  • Rosh Chodesh- studying the phases of the moon

  • The calendar

  • Apple cards- Parts of an appleIMG_7439

  • Apple cards- Apple cycle, from seed to fruit

  • Booklets from seed to apple

  • Apple picking

  • Parts of a bee

  • The cycle of bees

  • Visiting a honey farm

  • Go fishing

  • Parts of a fishIMG_3507

  • Dissecting  a fish


  • Concept: Birthday of the world

  • Life cycle, our past, present, and future


  • Paper-mache field set up. Building an environmentIMG_7342

  • Decorating a cheshvon nefesh journal



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