Birthday Celebration

Rosh Hashanah Birthday Celebration

IMG_7501_3 Materials




Month of the year cards

Moon phases cards

Pictures of holidays

Pictures of important personal events throughout the month

(Ask parents for pictures)


It’s better if these subjects are discussed previously

•  Spiral presentation: the interconnectedness of the cycle of life.

•  Introduction to the months corresponding to holidays

•  The phases of the moon


“Today we are going to celebrate our own existence and our contribution to the world during the past year.”

Light a candle in the middle of the room.

“This fire is going to represent the sun”

Introduce the globe,

“There’s two ways to count the year:  using the sun or the moon.

A solar year is when the earth goes around the sun one time.”

Walk around the candle (sun) holding the globe (earth)

“Each month the moon is also going around the earth”

Place the earth to the side of the fire, leaving enough space to walk around it.

With a moon in your hand, walk around the earth

“This is called the lunar year; the moon going around the earth.”

“The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar calendar and the seasons of the solar calendar”

“Let’s look at our past year:”IMG_7568

Summarize the months in order

Tishrei: Place the card of Tishrei in front of the globe

The new moon…Rosh Hashanah!

Place the crescent moon down starting on top of the globe.

Place the picture representing Rosh Hashanah

Continue placing the moons and a picture of any other important event that happened during that month (birthday, trip, special mitzvot. etc)

When you finish placing the moons around the globe, go to the next month.

“What is the next month?”  Cheshvan..

Move the globe over, collect the moons and start over again.

The month cards and the pictures should be left in place.

At the completion of the activity the children will see all the months and all their contributions to our world.

The last month is Elul, which is a month of preparation and blowing of the shofar. We are preparing for a new year ahead, this shows the connectedness of the end within the beginning and vise versa.


Collect the pictures,  let the children write about each picture, place them into an album.

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