Chayei Sarah

Chayei Sarah

IMG_2516 It’s good for children to have pictures to visualize the different events throughout the parsha.

…Sarah passes away.. Avraham eulogized Sarah and weeps over her.

   •   Sarah’s tent: you can use the same tent as last week or have a different tent for Sarah erected in the classroom. have the Shechinah in shape of a cloud resting on top of the tent, inside there should be shabbos candles and challah. talk to the children about Sarah and how special she was, her Shabbos candles stayed lit from Shabbos to Shabbos. When she passed away the Shechinah went away and the flame from the candle went out. Show this in the erected tent. this tent stays in the classroom.

   •   Polishing candlesticks- practical life area

   •   Braiding boards

   •   Shabbos table setting

…Avraham buys the cave of Machpaila.

   •   The cave of Machpaila- discuss it’s importance

   •   Machpaila puzzle

   •   Caves

   •   Weight scale

IMG_1944…Avraham asks Eliezer to find a wife for Yitzchak …Eliezer davened to Hashem. 

Roll play Eliezer’s journey

   •   Personal Tefillah

…Hashem accepted Eliezer’s tefillah …Rivka comes out to the well.

   •   Disscuss: What is a well, how it works.. How does water travel to  our homes?

   •   Build a well

 …Rivka gives Eliezer and his camels water.

   •   Chesed: Rivka’s kindness. Our kindness to others

•   The weight of water: Pitchers with and without water

   •   How much water camels drink

 …Eliezer gives Rivka presents

   •   Making bracelets

…Eliezer returns with Rivka to Eretz Canaan. Yitzchak was just returning from davening mincha. Rivka sees YItzchak, a tzaddik. …She gets off her camel and modestly covers her face with a veil.

   •   The mincha davening

   •   Modesty

IMG_1707…Yitzchak brings Rivka to Sarah’s tent to see if she was righteous. 

   •    Bring back the cloud, the shabbos candles and challah to the tent

   •    Making Challah

   •    Bracha for separating Challah

   •    Challah covers

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