Lech lecha

G-d said to Avram go from your land to the land which I will show you..

•     Discuss movingIMG_6445

•     Traveling then and now, sequencing cards

•      Means of transportation cards

•      Parts of a camel cards

•      Map of Eretz Yisroel

•      Water in the dessert

•     How to pack a bag- practical life exercise

•    Dramatic circle packing and moving:

Write  a chart with the children of the necessary things needed for the trip, talk about the dessert, show pictures let the children visualized their trip in the dessert in the times of Avraham. Pack the bags and sing a song as we travel following a cloud that guides us through the dessert, finally we arrive in Eretz Cana’an, in the area of Shechem where G-d says to Avram “I will give this land to your descendants”..  Avram was thankful to Hashem. Taking a rest here we unload our necessary luggage, eat a little snack and set our mats and blankets to sleep for the night. show the children our traveling map of Eretz Yisroel pointing out Shechem.

There was a famine in the land.

•   As we continue traveling we noticed that the rain had stopped, the land is dry and the trees have no fruit. (set props to show this) there’s a famine, we must go down to Egypt… (follow our journey in the map) reenact or tell the story of going down to Egypt. We finally journey back to Cana’an with much silver, gold and cattle.

Learning derech eretz from our forfather Avraham

•    Derech Eretz booklet

•    Discuss and roll play manners during circle time

A quarrel erupted between the herdsmen of Avram’s cattle who rebuke the herdsmen of Lot’s cattle for grazing in other’s people’s property

•    Respecting others property

Avram said to Lot, “It’s not good that we should quarrel”.. It’s better if we separate, you may choose where you want to settle.

•   Discuss solving problems

“Wherever you live, I will not distance myself from you, and I will stand by you as a protector and a helper”

  •    Avraham’s goal was that even Lot should come to appreciate G-d


Hashem says to Avram, “I will give the land that you see to you and to your descendants for eternity, I will make your descendants like the soil of the earth. Just as man is not able to count the soil of the earth so too your descendants will not be able to be counted”

•   This is a good time to have a sand table in the room for children to experience working with sand. take the children to the sand table talk about sand, letting them experience the quantity of tiny particles.

•   Put sand at the nature table, have a magnifying glass to study it.

•   Sand art

Avram settled in chevron

•    Map of Israel, keep studying Avram’s journeys.

Avram rescues Lot, wins the fight against the four kings one of whom was NImrod, he doesn’t take any riches or rewards for himself from the king of S’dom. He gives One tenth of the riches to MalkiTzedek (Shem the son of Noach, a righteous king and Hashem’s Kohen)

Hashem tells Avram that he would have many descendants.

•   Hashem led Avram outside his tent, Avram sees a big star shinning, “You are like a big star that shines up the world” said Hashem to Avram.  Then Avram sees two stars, “These two stars are you and your son”, Avram sees three stars. “These represent you, your son, and your grandson, Hashem said.”  Then twelve stars appeared “These are the twelve tribes” suddenly there were seventy stars. “You will have seventy descendants traveling to Egypt” then the whole sky was filled with stars  “Your descendants will be so many, too many to count”.

•   Math exercise: Illustrate this, have as material for individual work on the shelf:

each star should have the correspondent name, the last name should be b’nei yisroel.

•   This can also be an individual project for children to take home, pasting each star to the corresponding name on paper.

“I will give this land to you as an inheritance” Avram asks for a sign..

The covenant of the parts:

Hashem said,. “Take three calves, three goats,three rams, a dove and a young bird for me”

Avram takes the animals cuts them into two parts except for the birds which represent the Jewish people, he places each part opposite the other. birds of prey came upon the pieces while Avram drives them away. Avram falls into a deep asleep and has a prophetic dream:

“Your descendants will be strangers in a strange land.. oppressed and enslaved for four hundred years.. I will judge the oppressors with plagues and the Jews will leave with wealth.”

A fiery torch passes through the parts striking the covenant with Avram saying.. “I have given this land to your ancestors”.

Sarah Gives her handmaid (Pharaoh’s daughter) to Avram

Hagar gives birth to Yishmael

Avram’s name is changed to Avraham – “This is my covenant with you.. Your name shall be Abraham for  I have made you the father of a multitude of nations.. (Israel and Edom) I will stablish my covenant to be to you and your descendants for a G-d”

•  Gematria- אברהם =  limbs of the body 248   “all 248 limbs of your body should be perfect”

•  The human body

•  248 positive mitzvos

•  The letter ‘hei”

•  Cards- avraham’s name

Bris Milah: “This is the covenant between Me and you, that every male should be circumcised”

•  Sequencing cards on a bris mila

•  Abraham was ninety nine years old

Sarai’s name is changed to Sarah

•  Sarai = My princess

•  Sarah = A princess to all mankind

Sarah will have a son, you will name him Yitzchok , I will stablish my covenant with him.”


•  Working with the letter Gimmel = movement

•  Create movement on paper through the method of Cubism using sand.

Book: The ten tests of Avraham

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