Concept: Taking care of our world

Hashem made a wonderful world on Parshas Breishis, on parshas Noach we learn how we can take care of it.

• How we can preserve and care for Hashem’s creation.

• Caring for each other, for our planet, for the animals of the world.



Hashem instructs Noach to build the Teiva

• Discuss the building of the Teiva – its size, measurements, and compartments.

• Using a measuring stick or ruler, follow the measuring instructions on building a Teiva.

• Practical life: hammering nails

• Build a Teiva with three floors. One for Noach and his family, a second for the animals , and a third for the garbage. Let the child organize the miniatures by placing them in the appropriate floor.


Hashem instructs Noach to finish the roof with a slight slant.

 • Display how a slanted roof lets the rain water run down the sides of the roof. Place this exercise in the practical life area for the child to experiment with.


Hashem commands Noach and his family to come into the Teiva. He then commands Noach to bring the animals.

“Bring to the ark a male and female of each non-kosher animal, and seven pairs of each kosher kind.”

• Kosher and non kosher animal sorting

• Animal matching

• Animal habitats


Noach and his family care for the animals in the Teiva

• Discuss caring for the animals, using the Teiva as an example.

• Visit the Zoo, notice how the Zoo-Keepers feed and care for the animals.

• Animal folders


There is rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights…

• The rain cycle- sequence cards

• Sinking and floating- practical life

• Concept: the floodwaters came for forty days, like a mikveh which contains a minimum of forty se’ah of rainwater if it is to purify the ritually unclean. (Torah Ohr) The world became cleansed through the waters.


The waters come to rest on the Ararat mountains.

• Great mountains of the world books

• Possible locations of Ararat mountains

• Print out pictures of the Ararat mountains. Look on google map.


Hashem says “From time to time my rainbow will appear in the clouds as a sign that I remember my promise not to bring another flood.”

• Rainbow Brachah

• Colors of the rainbow

• Vocabulary- colors: Hebrew

• The color chart: primary-secondary colors

• Color mixing

• Color tablets

• Prisms

The whole earth spoke one language, and had united to rebel against G-d

The leader of the generation was king nimrod, he claimed the he was a god and persuade people not to listen to Hashem. Nimrod suggested to build a tall tower to fight against Hashem, everyone joined in to build the tower..

G-d confused their language and dispersed them throughout the entire earth..

• Introduce the color globe, show the dispersion

• Map of the world

• Names of the continents

• Nomenclature cards- the continents

• Geography pictures

• People and their cultures

• Brief history of the Jewish people



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