…Rivka carries twins.. when they were born they looked completely different

• Discuss twins, pictures of twins, different personalities

Language Arts14638_185445309797_7796950_n

• Matching cards on twins

• Matching opposites

hot –  cold

bright –  dark

heavy –  light

wet – dry

smooth –  rough

empty –  full

…The older baby’s head and body were full of hair and his skin had a deep red color, he was called Aisav. The younger baby was smooth skinned, he was called Yaakov…

• Use a hairy red texture material and a smooth texture to feel the difference

…Yaakov enjoyed learning Torah, Aisav was wicked and a hunter.

…Aisav sells his first born right to Yaakov..

 …Aisav comes home from the field tired from hunting, he finds Yaakov cooking red lentils

   •   Avraham passed away, Yaakov cooks lentils for his father Yitzchok since lentils are given to mourners:

 Circle:  What we eat has inner meaning and effects our bodies and senses.

• Lentils are round, referring to the cycle of life

• Lentils do not have a “mouth” like other beans. so too everyone was speechless.



• Lifecycle14638_185443804797_6454295_n

Make a timeline of our lives

Practical life

• Cook lentil soup

• Bean sorting


• Bring lentils and other beans to compare their differences

• Grow lentils

• The food we eat


• Our senses

Sense of smell: Aisav smell the lentils

smelling bottles

Sense of taste: Aisav tastes the Lentils14638_185444154797_4843172_n

Tasting different foods with a eye cover.


• Counting beans with di

• Use beans instead of counters (numbers and counters)

…King Avimelech’s servants stuff the wells which Yitzchak digs. 

   •  Yaakov’s three wells

   •  Continue learning about wells and water sources

…YItzchak  turns blind, he was old and felt he would soon die, he calls his older son Aisav to bless him. Rivka calls Yaakov telling him to pretend he’s Aisav so that he will get the blessing.  Rivka covers Yaakov skin with goats hair to make it feel hairy she gives him Aisav’s hunting outfit.

   •  Have children cover their eyes with a blindfold and feel different textures

Science -Sensorial

•  The sense of touchIMG_3728

Texture tablets

Mystery bag game


Make a touch cube, on each side have a different texture, children can take home

 Aisav’s hunting suit

…YItzchak hears Yaakov’s voice

Science -Sensorial

•  the sense of hearing

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