A lot of this parsha comes to life through dramatic play.IMG_2463

…It was a hot day, Avraham sat down in front of his tent looking for guest to invite for a meal.
Avraham’s tent had four entrances , to be able to have guests from all directions

•  Build a tent in the classroom with four doors, set up the tent with the children, once finished notice how empty it is without guests.

•  Guests in our home

•  Bruchim habaim door signs

•  Compass- North, south , east, west

•  Desert climate

…It was the third day after his bris mila, he was weak and in pain.. Hashem saw how unhappy Avraham was and send three angels that looked like men.
the angel Raphael was sent to heal avraham

•  Visiting the sick- bikur cholim

•  Phone book with number name and picture of the children of the classroom

…Avraham serves his guests.IMG_2471-001

•  Welcoming guests- hachnasas orchim

•  Divide into groups take turns at the tent serving each other a snack

•  Have another classroom come in to be a guest

Avraham would always make his guests bench after the meal

•  Brochos over food

•  Bentching, making bentchers

…While they sat under the shade of a tree

•  Shade in the heat of the day, experience the shade of a large tree.

•  Bring a small tree into the classroom , discuss the benefits of trees

…the angels (michael) tell Avraham that Sarah will have a son, Sarah laughs because of her old age..

•  Trust in Hashem

…Abraham escorted the angels

•  Mitzvah of escorting out guests

…The angels Gavriel and Raphael go to S’dom to destroy the city

…Avraham prays for S’dom.

•  Introduce subtraction

Avraham whose nature is kindness overcame his personality in order to save someone’s life:

•  Saving a person’s life physically (one can brake Shabbos to save a person’s life)

•  Saving a person’s life spiritually -Mitzayim even if it is not our nature

…Lot invites the angels to his home

  In S’dom welcoming guests was a capital offense

•  Lot bakes matzos for his guests then asks his wife to please bring salt for their food, she was very unhappy that Lot had invited guests, she thought, “they can manage without salt!” she wanted to let her neighbors know that Lot had invited guests so she told Lot she had to borrow some salt, she went from one neighbor to the other letting them know Lot had guests.

•  Discuss Avraham’s influence on Lot

All the people of S’dom surrounded Lot’s house asking for his guests wanting to do evil to them. Lot tries to protect his guests but the S’domin threatens to break down the door. The angels brought Lot back into the house… they strike the people outside the house with a plague of blindness…

•  The people of S’dom were so wicked that even after being struck with blindness, they didn’t give up searching for the door to do evil things to Lot’s guests

•  Cover eyes with blindfold, discuss how it feels and the importance of sight

Hashem destroys S’dom and Amorah primary because of the failure to be charitable

•  The importance of Tzadakah

The angels warned, “Don’t stand still! keep walking! and never look behind you!”

Hashem saved Lot and his family only in Avraham’s Zechus, since Lot deserved to be punished they were not allowed to see the punishment of others.

Rain began to fall from heaven turning into tar and fire (sulfur) destroying everything.

Lot’s wife turns around , she becomes a pillar of salt.218

•  Map of Eretz Yisroel: look at were S’dom was located

•  Show pictures of the Yam Hamelach

•  Discuss the water of the Yam Hamelach

•  Salt and were it comes from

•  Bring minerals from the area, display it in the nature table for children to examine

Avimelech, the king of the Pilishtim, takes Sarah to his palace.. Sarah prays to Hashem…Hashem brings a plague on King Avimelech.. he gives Sarah back to Avraham.. Avraham prays to G-d to heal Avimelech

 Sarah becomes pregnant immediately after Avraham prays for Avimelech:

•  The power of praying for another

•  The importance of saying Tehillim

Yitzchok is born, Abraham gives him a bris after 8 days

•  Babies, babies!!

•  S equencing  pictures of the ceremony of a bris milah


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