IMG_6236 Vayaitzai

Yaakov travels to Charan..

   •  Follow the map and travel with Yaakov

…After studying for fourteen years in the yeshivah of Aiver, Yaakov travels to Har Hamoria the site of the future Beis Hamikdash. Hashem makes the sun set early.

   •  Pictures of the site of the kotel

   •  sun setting at the Kotel, people davening

   •  Prayer of Ma’ariv

  •  Learn about the calendar, how the world spin in its axes revealing day and night. Show how in one country could be day and another night.

light a candle in the middle of the table call it “sun” stand to the side letting the light shine upon the globe. turn the globe changing the places where there is light.  show when to daven shacharis, mincha, maariv.

Yaakov prepares to sleep there.

   •  Prophesy- NevuahIMG_3576-001

He gathered twelve stones. He placed the stones around himself to protect him from wild animals, using one of the stones as a pillow.

   •  The stones were the same as the stones from the Mizbeiach that Avraham had built for the Akaida.

When Yaakov went to sleep all the stones cried wanting to be under Yaakovs head. The stones merged into one big stone. Hashem wanted Yaakov to know that all his twelve sons would serve Hashem  becoming one nation, the Jewish people.  

   •  Pick twelve stones and demonstrate forming a circle with the stones, in each of the stones write the names of the twelve tribes. Take a large stone write all the twelve tribes unified. Gather the twelve stones showing the large unifying stone.

   •  Let the children pick the stones and write on them themselves

   •  Paint stonesIMG_5646

   •  Roll play with the stones

   •  Feel hardness of stones

   •  Rocks as solids

   •  Learning about different types of minerals

   •  Collect stones notice the differences between them

   • Playdough from one ball separate twelve

   • Division, fractions

…Yaakov sees a vision of a ladder he sees angels going up and down the ladder.

   • Prayer.IMG_1944

   •  vocabulary: up and down

   •  ladders: building ladders, gross motor climbing

   • Go through the different midrashim during circle time using a visualization with the ladder.

…The Shechinah rests at this place then and now.

   •  Building the Beis Hamikdash

   •  The Kotel, pictures of the kotel, davening at the kotel

…Yaakov gives an offering to Hashem

   •  Oil makes the transition from Eretz Yisroel to Charan easier.. oil, it’s texture.

  •  Visit the olive press, or press your own olives. Experience how the olives are crushed into olive oil.

   •  Yaakov offers Hashem a tenth of all his earnings. Giving myser.

   •  Learning fractions and percentageIMG_3714

…Yaakov meets Rochel at the well

    •  Lesson: how to approach

    •  Rochel the shepherd: taking care of sheep

    •  Working with lids- on, off  (toddlers)

•  Role play: meeting Rochel, moving the heavy stone, Yaakov and Rochel make a sign between each other, meeting Lavan, Lavan hugs Yaakov trying to find money, Yaakov asks Lavan to marry Rochel, Lavan plans a big wedding, Rochel did not want to embarrass her  sister and tells her the sign between her and Yaakov, Yaakov marries Leah, Yaakov marries Rochel a week later.

    •   The mitzvah of not embarrassing another person

    •   Learning communicational signs

…Leah gives birth to four sons

    •   The beginning of the tribes of Israel: Reuven, Shimon, Laivi, Yehudah

…Rochel asks Yaakov to marry Bilha since she had not been able to have a baby

    •   Bilha gave birth to two sons Dan and Naftali

…Leah asks Yaakov to marry Zilpa

    •   Zilpah gave birth to two sons Gad and AsherIMG_6247

…Leah has three more children 

    •   Yissachar, Zevulun and a daughter Dina

…Rochel has a son Yosef

…Lavan tries to cheat Yaakov out of his wages 

    •   Lavan offers Yaakov to pay him wages after Yaakov tries to leave charan.  Yaakov makes an offer that he will take all the goats with spots on their skin and brown color sheep. Yaakov becomes very wealthy.

…Yaakov flees Lavan’s house

    •   Yaakov sees that Lavan would not let them go. Yaakov flees with his wife children and things.Rochel takes her father’s idols. Lavan goes after them.

  •  After Lavan searches everywhere for the idols he makes a treaty of friendship with Yaakov.

    •   Yaakov lifted a huge stone, he sets it up as a “matzaiva” a pillar, Yaakov tells his sons to make a heap out of small stones next to the pillar. These will serve as a sign of friendship.

       • Make a pillar with rocksIMG_3722

      • Go rock collecting, study different rocks. Have fun!


Add with rocks, how many years Jacob worked for laban

problem solving: Jacobs sheep

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