…Yaakov settled in Chevron continuing the work of Avraham and Yitzchok, bringing people close to Hashem

IMG_6445   •  Follow the map

   •  Vayeitzei-he departed, Yaakov departs to go to a place alien to Judaism

   •  Vayishlach- he sent, inspiring others to be shluchim

   •  Vayeishev- He settled,  Yaakov seek to settle in tranquility. (Yaakov does not settle until he lives in Mitzrayim after knowing that Yosef is alive (Moshiach ben Yosef))

…Yosef brought reports against his brothers to their father

   •  Speaking loshon hara

   •  looking at things in a positive perspective

   •  lesson on communication instead of accusation

 …Yisrael loved Yosef more than all his sons, Josef was the son of Rochel and was gifted in Torah studies. 

… Yisrael made a robe of fine wool for Yosef

   •  Introduce sewing – practical life area

   •  Introduce the loom

… His brothers grew jealous and could not speak with him nicely

   •  Discuss: What is jealousy?

   •  Lesson on speaking nicely to each other

… Yosef’s first dream

   •  demonstrate during circle time with small bundles of grain

   •  Tying bundles of grain – practical life area

   •  Nevuah through dreams

… His brothers became very angry, does this mean you want to reign over us?

… Yosef’s second dream

   •  demonstrate during circle time

   •  Why did Yosef relate his dream? Yosef was a Torah scholar, he was by Yaakov’s side all the time learning Torah, he did not realize the effect he was having by telling the dream, he  felt it was coming straight from heaven and it was suppose to be so. he did not say it with an ego.

… Yaakov rebuked Yosef in order to calm his brothers.. Yaakov waits for the event to occur.

… Yisroel sends Yosef to check on his brothers in Shechem.. Angel Gavriel in disguised of a man encounters Yosef and tries to warn him of his brothers.

… The brothers plot against Yosef.. Shimon and Laivi want to kill him, Reuven argued to just trow him in the pit. 

   •  Show pictures of a pit,  if able show a real pit outside, let the children experience it

   •  This pit was full of snakes and scorpion – desert animals

… The brothers sell Yosef to the Arabs, They tell Yaakov that a wild animal tore Yosef, Yaakov was very sad he mourns for his son

   •  Customs of a mourner- Yaakov tore his garment, he sat only on the ground.

…The shechina departed from Yaakov for 22 years he was unable to know what had happened to his son.

…Yosef goes to Egypt, on the way he stops by Rochel’s caver where she speaks to him giving him strength and assurance that this is meant to be

…Yosef becomes a supervisor in Potifar’s house

   •  Discuss the job of a supervisor.

   •  Assign the job of a supervisor throughout the week for particular jobs.

…Yosef is tested with Zulaicha

…Yosef is wrongly imprisoned.. Yosef is joined by the chief butler and the chief baker. He explains their dreams.. 

   •  Instead of being upset at two of Pharaohs high-ranking ministers, key members of the corrupt regime that had wrongly imprisoned him, he was concerned about them asking, “why do you look down today?” from this act of kindness Yosef was eventually saved, leading him to save the Egyptian people from starvation. This teaches us the importance of caring for others, never underestimating the power of one single good deed.  

   •  Focus on: Kindness to others, one single good deed.

…Yosef asks the butler to mention his name to pharaoh





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