…Yaakov and his family travel back to Eretz Cannan.IMG_6445

   •  Following the map again as we travel with Yaakov..

   •  Yaakov sends a messenger- Shliach

   •  We are all shluchim

 ..Aisav was coming with four hundred generals with four hundred men

   •   hundreds, thousands

  •   Multiplication.

   •   Yaakov hides Dina from Aisav in a box

…Yaakov prepares to meet Aisav.

•  Yaakov prepares in three ways:

  •   Davening: the meaning of davening, personal prayers

  •   Prepared presents

  •   prepared for battle

  •   discuss this and role play circumstances, tell a story.

Yaakov divides his people into two camps

  •   division

…Yaakov returns for a few jarsIMG_5984

  •   Working with clay, pottery

…Yaakov fights with the angel at night  

   •  Guardian angel

   •   what is the Gid hanasheh

   •   At dawn the angel begs Yaakov to let him go since that morning he was singing to Hashem.

   •  an edict up high, what is happening in the world is happening up high.

…Hashem gives Yaakov a new name Yisroel

   •  The importance of our names

   •  Going through each child learning each child’s meaning of their name

   •  Naming our environment

   •  Everything has a name : The importance of names

   •  Take a picture of each child letting them paste it onto a color paper of their choice, each child can write their own name on the paper and decorated as they wish. This shows each child’s personality.

…Yaakov and Aisav make peaceIMG_6004

   •  making peace with our rivals

…Dina gets kidnaped by Shechem

…Yaakov offers korbanos in Bais Ail

   •  Hashem reminds Yaakov to offer the tenth of the earnings promised

   •  Giving Myser on time

…Rivka passes away

…Hashem promises Yaakov that his descendants will inherit Eretz Canaan

…Rachel dies while giving birth to Binyaminrachels_tomb

   •  Yaakov buries Rochel on the side of the road leading to Beis Lechem

   •  Rochel davens with her children in golus

…Yitzchak sees Yaakov and his family, he dies at 180 year old




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