Children love to create and be creative; it gives them joy and serves as an outlet for their creative expression. Their projects give them a sense of accomplishment building the child’s self esteem and intellect.

The teacher should have plenty of objects to use as materials, and always have a supply of glue, scissors, tape, pens, construction paper, crayons. Etc.

The art area should be one shelve within the practical life area. The activities should be arranged like practical life activities, there should also be a separate shelf with the entire daily art supplies.

A good individual activity for a three year old is cutting; set the tray with scissors, color paper with bold lines drawn on it and envelops for the paper cuttings. Show the child how to hold the scissors and cut until the child wants to do it himself. The strips should go into the envelope for the child to take home.

These basic skills are necessary for the child to advance into other more complicated projects. Cutting also enriches their fine motor skills.

A painting easel should be part of the environment, were children can make large paintings and drawings. These paintings should be laid on a drying rack for drying. The classroom should have a table for crafts that sits at least four people. There should be a new craft weekly, the teachers craft should be put in the middle of the table in top of a placemat. If the craft is simple little or no explanation is necessary, if it is complicated the teacher can demonstrate it to a group of ten.

Occasionally the teachers can give the children large construction paper and glue; have different containers filled with throwaways at the table, letting the children experiment making their own creations.

In the classroom should be a board with the different seasons, the children should try to do the displays with a little help from the teacher.

A classroom tree is also part of the Montessori classroom, the trunk of the tree remains the same throughout the year during each season the children change it’s display.

The teacher should have a list of projects in mind being prepared to provide her students with exiting fun projects that enriches their creativity, their overall learning and helps the development of fine motor skills.

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