The Development of Movement

The Development of Movement

Exercise is very important during the first year of life. It is good to encourage the child to move freely, building strength on his legs to be able to walk.

Once walking he is able to touch and explore independently the world around him, transforming the environment.

The environment should be arranged for the child to freely be able to explore it, learning from it, enhancing his intellectual stimulation.

Children learn to make responsible decisions and develop self discipline if they are allowed to run and play with reasonable restrictions.

It is important to observe each child’s motor development, even if each child may develop different skills at variety of time.

Still there is a general guideline so that the teacher can observe if the child is seriously lagging in his motor development.

There are also factors that can affect early motor development for example: generally most tall, muscular children tend to move more quickly than short stocky children affecting certain motor skills. Also the difference in gender may affect motor development.

It is important to give children fun games and exercises to develop their motor skills, making sure not to criticize the child’s abilities or emphasize competition causing it to hurt his self confidence.

Good nutrition is also necessary to prevent illness, malnutrition and normal growth. they should be encouraged to eat good healthy food without forcing them; this may cause anxiety and stress.

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