The Development of Personality

 The Development of Personality

The period referred to as the ‘terrible two’s’ is when there are temper tantrums and management difficulty. Is a period where important development is happening and these tantrums prove these facts. Adults must be sensitive handling these situations.

At ages of two and six different social behavior becomes more obvious.

During the ages of two and three children develop personality and will. Children begin to develop abilities under conscious control within the child’s individual personality.

Dr. Montessori believed that the third year was the most important year for psychological development, she called this stage the development of the ‘psychic embryo’, a process which allows an individual to construct her own personality and will.

During the preschool years self reflection begins. By three and a half they can describe themselves in terms of typical emotions and belief. By having friends they learn that considering others needs and interests their own needs are best met.

They observe and react to others actions; experiencing self conscious emotions, becoming aware of approval or censure.

Parents who are sensitive to children’s needs have children that act kindly to their peers. Children need freedom, security, stimulation, love, encouragement and most of all the adult should be tolerant and understanding.

A two year old asserts her independence by refusing to do what is taught and expected. This is outgrown if she is treated with consideration and understanding. The child’s personality is being constructed and quick obedience, self control and good behavior always is not possible for a child this age. The child is full of emotional upheaval. Severity, emphatic speech, expressions of anger, punishments may only produce long term negative results.

At this age the whole mind is very impressionable, therefore is important to positively reinforce the child. Being calm, gentle, and consistent.

Not good behavior should be solved by cooperation not by battling with the child.

Children need freedom to be active. They need understanding from an adult, to be able to develop their own personality; growing into happy successful individuals.

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