The Sensitive Periods

The Sensitive Periods

The Sensitive Periods Children have sensitive periods causing them to have a strong desire or ability for acquiring a certain skill or knowledge. A child is guided by sensitivities that dominate his attention; studying, absorbing and learning with enthusiasm, until a new stage of development.

Sensitive periods refer to the learning process of pre-school children.

Children have a sensitive period for language that only lasts for the first few years. Having enthusiasm to study, absorb and learn, each with a new stage of development at the appropriate intake for each individual child.

It is very important to let the child learn while he is still excited and instinctually learning words.

By recognizing these stages the teacher can take advantage of the child’s ability to absorb new experiences and information.

At the end of the first year children are more sensitive towards external order, they are interested in where the object is located within a certain place.

If the child is not able to develop these sensitive periods, not receiving the external stimulation he needs, the child is not able to develop naturally.

It is common during these sensitive periods that a child works only in a particular subject, putting a lot of effort and deep concentration on that one subject.

By a child learning with his hands physically, he is expanding his intelligence. We should not try to feed the intelligence more than the hand.

Generally by the age of six, all of the mental work of the hand and brain working in unison; empowered by the sensitive periods and absorbent mind, come together in the intellect of the student.

The teacher has to encourage the child, being clear using the appropriate expressions.

Every child has sensitive periods for all the different subjects, we should observe the child being prepare to give him the materials necessary for his natural learning need.

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