Practical Life Activities

Practical-Life is more than a simple “how to” lesson, it is a meditative activity on the essence of the things around us. Everything is part of G-d, and yet at times we treat our physical objects as hollow and meaningless. During a Practical-Life exercise the object becomes vital, and an everyday chore becomes momentous. We are showing the significance of the mundane, and the G-dliness in everything.

Practical Life Activities

Grace and Courtesy

Sitting on LineIMG_7131

Sitting at a Table

Carrying a Chair

Carrying a Table

Opening and Closing a Door

Rug Rolling

Carrying a Tray

Putting on an Apron

Filling a Pitcher

Walking on the Line

Silence Game

Using an Inside and Outside Voice


How to Interrupt

Answering the Telephone


Fundamental Skills


Sponge Transfer

Dry Pouring

Wet Pouring



Transfer with Tongs


Garlic Press with Sponges

Pouring with a Funnel

Opening and Closing



How to Dial 911

Pencil Sharpening

Nuts and Bolts

Hammering a Nail

Using a PushpinIMG_5982

Cutting with a Scissor

Using a Stapler

Using Tape


Care of Self

Dressing Frames

Putting on a Jacket

Hanging a Coat

Hand Washing

Shoe Polishing

Sewing Cards

Sewing a Button

Nose BlowingIMG_5653

How to Cough and Sneeze

Hair Combing

Nail Care

Teeth Brushing

Putting on a Band-aid

Putting on Hand Cream


Care of Environment

Sweeping Floor


How to Wipe up a Spill

Table Setting

How to Fold a TowelIMG_5623

How to Sort Cutlery

How to Fold Napkins

Wood Polishing

Plant Polishing

Dish Washing

Silver Polishing

Cloth Washing


How to Clean a Mirror

How to Wash an Easel



Raking LeavesIMG_3591

How to Plant a Seed

How to Water a Plant

Weeding a Garden

Flower Arranging


Food Preparation

How to Peel a Carrot

How to Butter Bread

Pickle Chopping

Orange Juicing

Cracker SpreadingIMG_7349

Cereal and Milk

Nut Cracking

Egg Slicing

Banana Slicing

Cucumber Chopping


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