How to Carry a Tray

How to Carry a Tray



Set up a tray containing a feather .


Invite the child for a lesson,  let them know that you are going to show them how to carry a tray.

•  Place your right thumb over the lip on the right of the tray in the middle, Wrap your four right fingers under the lip of the tray.

•  Place your left thumb opposite your right thumb on the lip on the left side of the tray. Wrap your four left fingers under the lip of the tray.

•  Lift straight up with both hands until the tray is at the level of your lower stomach.

•  Walk carefully around a designated space making sure the feather does not fall.

•  Return to the shelve.


Direct: Growth in independence with regard to the performance of the movements necessary for the carrying and placing the tray without damaging himself, others, or the tray.

Indirect: Coordination of the child’s movement, development of the muscles, and concentration.



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