Prepared Environment

Prepared Environment

Dr. Montessori observed that children develop confidence and learn best in a calm, beautiful, ordered environment where everything is chosen for its ability to engage a child’s interests and help him/her develop.

The Montessori environment is not designed to stimulate the children as much as possible with color , sound, and movement, but is designed to give the children space and time where they can concentrate and learn.

The Montessori environment is geared to the realities of life. The child is brought in closer contact with actuality. Among the many examples are: lightweight furniture, so that the children can move it, real glass, and real utensils.

There is only one piece of each type of equipment; a child must wait until another is finished to use it. The Montessori classroom reflects order and structure, every piece of equipment has a place and everything is in its place. Nothing is broken or has missing parts. Children are free to move around the classroom at will and are free to choose their own activities. In the Montessori environment a child learns to be independent. He is given objectives he can achieve and does not have others do things that he can do himself. He can handle freedom because he is encouraged to coordinate actions toward a given end and achieve a goal which he chose.

The Montessori classrooms beautiful atmosphere encourages positive and spontaneous responses to life. Everything in the classroom must be well designed and of the highest quality. Montessori classrooms are alive with children, plants and animals. The atmosphere is one of warmth and relaxation which invites participation and self development.

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