The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind

A child absorbs his learning in an unconscious and effortless way, being able to grow in a healthy environment were the child’s needs are met.

The atmosphere should be emotionally secure and nourishing. Children should learn to respect their peers, teachers, and the environment; interacting positively. They should enjoy hard and stimulating work that interests them, feeling proud of their achievements. The teacher’s job is to observe every detail in the child being very careful not to break their concentration, which would lead them into an unnatural effort loosing the child’s spontaneity.

The teacher should not repeat the lesson nor make the child feel he made a mistake since by doing so the teacher will cause the child to change his natural learning. If a child chooses to do one particular subject the whole time he will learn more by doing so instead of trying to force him to do another subject. When speaking or singing to a child the teacher should pronounce clearly. When a child learns something he stores it instantly without effort or distortion, remembering it throughout life.

A child’s character, personality, and intelligence is formed by his early impressions. By bribing a child to do something we want, we are not letting him choose naturally. A child seeks to grow; at first he chooses his work, persists in it, modifying it for his needs; with effort he studies it and happily he is able to overcome obstacles within his capacity. Children see how we act towards them, imitating us. We should give them all the kindnesses we want to instill in them.

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